Google Set to Begin Manufacture of Smartwatch


The watch. Remember when you used to throw them on your wrist, or in your pocket if you are ancient, and occasionally you’d look their way when you wanted to know the time? That’s what watches used to do. Nowadays, however, they are known for being able to do quite a bite more. Do you want to interact with your phone? Do you want to text people or listen to music? That’s what the modern smartwatch for. To that end, there has been rumors swirling for months that Google was about to get in the smartwatch game. Now, even more rumors indicate, they are about to begin the manufacturing stage of said mysterious timepiece.

Leave it to the venerable Wall Street Journal and their vaunted “unnamed sources” to drop this bombshell on the unsuspecting problem. The publication, along with said anonymous source, is back at it again. They have indicated that not only are Google planning to release their own smartwatch, but they are entering the manufacturing phase earlier than anyone has expected. That would gel with how companies like Google and Apple deal with new products. They usually hold a presser and it is available for purchase pretty much the next day. The watch is rumored to also be billed as a personal assistant, much like Siri but potentially cooler since Google well, they make a lot of cool stuff.

As such, it will run on Google Now, which is pretty much Google’s answer to Siri. No actual release date has been announced for this watch. Heck, the watch itself hasn’t been formally announced. We’ll let you know when we know.