Google sees wearables as a great fit


Google’s experimental product group – ATAP – has announced it intends to ship a smart jacket containing touch-sensitive fabric in 2017.

According to The Verge, the new project is a jacket aimed at urban cyclists and people on the move, which Google is co-creating with Levi’s.  The jacket will allow wearers to do things like control their music, answer phone calls, access navigation and more, all by tapping and swiping on the jacket’s sleeve. The touch-sensitive part of the jacket that Google is co-creating with Levi’s is only on the left cuff. And to make it work, it requires a little flexible dongle that snaps into the cuff and pairs to your phone via Bluetooth.

The technology is based on Google’s Project Jacquard, which aims to deliver conductive yarns that can be woven into everyday materials and connected to miniature processors that fit into a coat button.

The jacket will be a part of Levi’s Commuter collection of clothing, which is largely aimed at urban dwellers who ride bikes to navigate their city.