Google receives design patent for left-eyed Google Glass smartglasses


google glass left side patent 1
Ah, Google. You blessed, golden beast. You have been everywhere lately. You are unveiling Chrome-based laptops. You are developing your own super-fast Internet. You are also, of course, prepping the ultimate smartglasses of the future. We have written a whole lot about these bad boys on this site, but here is a quick primer. Google Glass is a pair of glasses that acts as your all-purpose entry point to the tech-world. Check your email, send texts, record video, all from the comfort of your eyeballs. The company has just snatched up a patent that makes these glasses even more universal because it lets more people use them.

So far the glasses have only been available for right-handed people. What about the southpaws, the lefties scream hollowly into the night. Well, your screams have not fallen on deaf ears. The company’s new patent is for a pair of smartglasses uniquely designed for left-handed individuals. Finally! We can all film the street as we walk right into a lightpost together. Never again, the lefties utter in creative unison, never again.

No word on whether the smartglasses will launch with both models in tow. However, even if it takes a while for the company to finish up the left-handled model you guys can rest assured that it is on the way. Thank goodness. Now, in the meantime, let’s start practicing our power-blinking. We are gonna need it.