Google Project Glass update: Release info and skydiving press event


Google’s magnificent forthcoming Project Glass eyeglasses are taking the world by storm and they aren’t even out yet. The company has already received their fair share of copycat devices and the press mentions are through the proverbial roof. It’s easy to see why. They clearly represent the future, albeit via some dorky looking glasses. If you aren’t familiar with the glasses, they are some special specs you put on your face that allow you to do anything a smartphone currently allows for. You can text, have virtual information overlaid on the world around you and even watch movies.  In short, they are very cool.

The company has remain tight-lipped regarding release information though. They’ve dropped subtle hints that they’d be invading faces this winter but, until now, nothing more concrete was given. Today they dropped some massive info bombs. The bad news? The release date has been pushed back to early 2014. Which is fine and good providing we survive the Mayan apocalypse. Even worse? They will be available in limited batches only with each pair clocking in at a hefty $1,500. That’s a lot of computing power shrunk down to the size of a pair of glasses so the price almost makes sense. Still, it’s gonna sting. Start saving now.

In tangentially related news, the company recently took to the skies to help build even more buzz for the glasses. They hired some skydivers to don the specs and surreptitiously land on top of the Moscone Center in San Francisco as Google gave a press conference. Gasps and guffaws were had by all. It wasn’t just for the surprise factor though. The skydivers were able to show off the recording functionality of the glasses, which we now know can withstand even the external force of falling from thousands of feet. Want video proof? Look out belowwwwwwww.