Google Patent Allows For Glass To Be Mounted On Normal Glasses



Google Glass is still not available to the general public for purchase, but already it seems that Google is looking to improve the technology for the general consumer. A recent patent the Google applied for hints at a version of Google Glass that you can attach to your normal glasses so that you don’t have to wear two pairs of glasses when you’re using Google Glass.

The patent means that Google is looking towards broadening the scope of people who would be able to use glass, which shows that the company could be preparing for a release of the product in the near future. Google is an expert at making its products relevant to everyone, and they surely wouldn’t want to alienate everyone who wears glasses for their eyesight.

The technology will be split into two parts, with the display on one side and the camera on the other. Presumably the wiring for Glass would then be inside the frame of the glasses, so it won’t be as easy as simply clipping the components for Glass to the frame of your glasses. Still, the system could incorporate some kind of wireless communication between the different parts, which would mean that you would indeed be able to use Glass with any old pair of glasses.

We may not ever see this patent become a reality, but the people among us who wear glasses can still hope for Google to do something about it being harder for them to wear Google Glass!