Google Nexus Gem – Could Google Enter the Smartwatch Game?



In the past few weeks, the technology world has been abuzz with rumors of a new Google Nexus smartphone, as well as the release of the next version of Android, to be name Android KitKat. But in the past few days new rumors have surfaced that as well as launching a new Nexus smartphone and a new Android operating system, Google is also preparing to launch their own smartwatch, called the Google Nexus Gem.

This isn’t the first time we’ve heard rumors of a smartwatch by tech giant Google, but originally the device was said to have a release date of early 2013. Most recently however, rumors of either an October 14 or October 31 release date have been thrown around.

If these rumors are to be believed, Google could potentially take a huge chunk of the smartwatch market because of the fact that the Galaxy Gear is only compatible with a few select Samsung devices. In fact, the Nexus “Gem” could be poised to be the most prominent Apple iWatch competitor, should we see an iWatch in the near future.

Details on the specifications of the device are unknown at this point, but the device is sure to be at the forefront of smartwatch technology.

A smartwatch release from Google would be their second venture into wearable technology, alongside Google Glass, which hasn’t even been released to the public yet. This would place Google even more in the headlines as far as wearable technology goes, and would further cement the company into history as an innovator of wearable technology.