Google Introduces Smart Contact Lenses For Diabetics


We all know Google is slowly, but surely, becoming master of the eyewear domain. Why, ever since they unleashed news of their Glass VR eyewear device, the genre of ‘smartglasses’ has spread like a useful and overly expensive wildfire across the lands. Everyone has been wondering what Google’s next step would be. Would it be smart underwear? Could it be smart socks, or perhaps smart eyelashes? Should it be smart ‘I’m With Stupid’ t-shirts? It’s going to be none of these things, as the big G has just announced something cool they are working on. Get ready for smart contact lenses.

Don’t get too excited. This isn’t the power of Glass packed into tiny contact lenses. We are still a ways from shrinking that kind of tech that much. However, these contact lenses do serve a useful purpose. They make the lives of people suffering from diabetes just a little bit easier. How do they do that? Well, each lens is outfitted with sensors that monitors a patient’s glucose and then beams that information to a computer, smartphone, tablet or wherever else. Even more useful, is the lenses are equipped with tiny lights that light should your glucose levels go out of whack.

The company is a fairly long way from bringing this tech to market, but then again, Google Glass hasn’t exactly shown up on store shelves yet either. The company is currently working out specifics with a little organization called the FDA. We’ll let you know what they both come up with and when you’ll be able to stuff these lenses in your eye sockets and then start stuffing sugary cakes down your gullet.