Google Hackathon Announced For Next Phase of Google Glass



Google Glass has garnered a lot of press in the past few weeks for a number of reasons. First, rumors of a second version of glass were flying around the Internet. These rumors were then confirmed when images of the new Google Glass were released, which showed that Google had added an earpiece to the device. Well now we have new information about Google Glass after Google announced a “hackathon” for the next phase of Google Glass.

What exactly is a hackathon, I hear you ask? Well the invite to the hackathon was sent out to developers, and it’s basically a two day event aimed at showing off the new Glassware developer kit. It will essentially show developers how to create software for glass.

Google will also be videoing the event and will release the video after the hackathon is over, so if you can’t make it or weren’t invited, never fear, because you will still be able to take advantage of the event.

The new Glassware should allow for developers to create more apps for the device, and will now allow for apps using the new earpiece and other Google Glass updates. The possibilities behind what developers could do with Google Glass are endless.

Google is also expected to take advantage of the event to officially show off the new Google Glass hardware, detailing new specifications of the device. Not only that, but Google Glass users, know as “Explorers” are now able to invite 3 people to the program, which means we should start to see Glass more and more!

Stay tuned for more information about the device!