Google Glass walks the runway at New York Fashion Week


google glass diane von furstenberg runway 1
New York Fashion Week, which seems to happen pretty much all of the time, is the city’s ultimate peon to the world of the well dressed. For the most part, it consists of a bunch of runway shows and meet-and-greets where the layman can see the latest and greatest in fashion. What’s later and greater than Google’s own Project Glass smartglasses technology? It’s so late, and so great, that it’s not even out yet and won’t even be coming out for around a year!

That didn’t stop the world’s leading purveyor of all things Internet to make quite a showing at Fashion Week. The big G teamed up with famed designer Diane Von Furstenberg to bring their forthcoming smartglasses to the runway, complete with extremely attractive models and everything. Looking like hotties from the future, these models took to public donning the glasses. They weren’t just for show, either. According to sources, each model was using the glasses to record from their viewpoint. The footage will be used in an upcoming documentary.

And what about those of us who have eaten a piece of cake in the past several years? Why don’t we get a chance to saunter down a runway wearing the hottest piece of consumer tech around? Not to worry my caloric grasshoppers, word is Google will begin hosting events for the general public shortly, probably as early as Winter or Spring. In the meantime, check out this video of Google co-founder Sergey Brin joining Diane Von Furstenberg on the runway. They’re too sexy for their hats. Or whatever.