Google Glass Update – Glass Developer Kit and Tons of Apps


What time is it? Google Glass time! The big G’s virtual reality-inducing eyewear device has been lighting up the airwaves since the first Explorer editions went out to early adopters. There have been reviews, videos post and, of course, tons of news. In our Herculean effort to provide you with every piece of Glass news out there, we present to you another week’s worth of new and interesting tidbits to make you wish you had $1,500 to spend on a weird thing you attach to your head. What’s on the docket this week? Google has announced a developer kit is forthcoming and tons of apps are on the way.

First, the kit. Google announced today at their I/O conference their Glass Developer Kit. This kit gives would-be developers all of the access they need to make great applications for Glass. This includes the ability to create apps that “push” visual information to the display as well as plenty of offline apps like games and the like. They have not announced when it will be available, however. Here’s to hoping it comes soon because we all know how badly we want to play Angry Birds just with our eyeballs.

Speaking apps, a ton are on the way. This ample list includes smartphone stalwarts such as Twitter and Facebook, as well as CNN, Tumblr, Elle Magazine and Evernote. Previously, Path and the New York Times were the only two third party apps available to Explorers. Thankfully, this list seems to be expanding. We can’t wait to “like” things on your Facebook wall using only the majestic power of our eyeballs and neck muscles.