Google Glass Rolls Out to Early Adopters – First Impressions and More


Is there any one piece of wearable tech that has attracted more attention than Google’s infamous Glass eyewear device? To the uninitiated, these sweet specs act as your extra eye into the Internet dimension. They let you take pictures, record video and obtain information all at the, quite literal, blink of an eye. Even cooler? These devices have finally begun rolling out to people that had previously enrolled in the Google Explorers program. That’s right. Early adopters are now roaming the streets with Google Glass laying on their faces like tech-savvy Marco Polos.


Some of these ‘regular folk’ that have gotten to try Google Glass? Sci-fi legend William Gibson, who said he was annoyed at how interesting he found it. That’s a good thing, we think. Another sci-fi great, Bruce Sterling, has also gotten to give it a whirl. He said it was like an 1980s video game console being projected into midair. That has us extra curious. If only Google Glass grew on Google trees.

The apps have begun rolling out too. In addition to the Google produced suite of apps that come packed in the device, publishers like the New York Times and others have begun to make related apps available on the Google Glass store. Now you can finally get the news of the day injected straight into your eyeballs like mother nature intended! We’ll let you know more as information spills out of, God willing, we get our hands on one of these devices(any day now.)