Is Google Glass Going to Get a Full Redesign? Probably


Google Glass
It wasn’t so long ago, couple of years really, that Google Glass showed us the total possibility of wearable technology. A device you wear on your face that projects fake stuff onto the real world? Awesome! The press, and public, went absolutely bananas. Then, unfortunately, the company suffered a series of missteps in regard to Glass. Nowadays, with no actual release date in site, Google Glass has become to look like something of an ex-high school football star. Can it regain its luster? Well, the project has a brand new president and, according to him, it absolutely can, but not before a total redesign.

Project lead Tony Fadell, former CEO of home automation suite Nest, has some big plans for Google Glass. First of all, he wants to completely redesign the headset, in his words, ‘from scratch.’ Those are some fightin’ words, however one of the main issues reviewers were having with the product was the design. It didn’t feel sturdy. It didn’t work with many pairs of glasses. It also looked kind of dorky. These were all problems, but then again, fantastic new technologies can often get by any or all of them just by sheer awesomeness.

There will also be no public beta testing this time around, sorry Explorers who spent $1,500 on a discontinued product. Fadell also says he won’t release it ‘until its perfect’ so we may have some time left to wait, which is no big deal because who knows when it was coming out anyways. However, if his work at Nest is any indication, it might be quick on the uptake in regards to shipping. After all, Google are a company and ideally would like to make some money off of this eventually.