Google Glass Gets an Incubator


Stained Glass
Development for Google Glass is quickly becoming a hot topic with developers, and there are organizations sprouting up to help support it. One new group, taking applications as we speak is, Stained Glass Labs. The project describes itself in the following terms:

“Stained Glass Lab’s is more than a collection of co-horts, entrepreneurs, mentors, and money.  We are a group of fore-runners for the wearable computing movement that is dangerously caught in half stride. It is our goal to ensure the next step isn’t a trip-up, but rather a pivot to a sprint.”

The project will offer mentoring, help with promotions and possible funding as the incubator sees fit. For the time being the company is taking applications and potentials are set to be contacted in the near future. So if you have an idea, and the skills, you might want to get on applying now.

Image and Source: Stained Glass Labs (