Google Glass could include built-in bone conduction headphones


Google and their,  by now, infamous pair of smartglasses has already spawned a generation of imitators and it’s not even out yet. In case you have been living underneath an Internet-disabled rock for the past year or so, Google Glass is a pair of glasses that act as a smartphone of sorts, overlaying all kinds of useful information about the world right over your eyeballs. The thing can also send and receive texts, play videos and give you directions to, say, the subway. It could very well revolutionize the way we do most everything(It could also make us an entire world of dorky looking people.)

Well, Google may just add one more feature to the already feature-rich glasses. A patent has been unearthed that suggests the company may be adding a pair of built-in bone conduction headphones to the glasses. You read that right. Bone conduction headphones. The FCC filing reveals Glass could have an “integral vibrating element that provides audio to the user via contact with the user’s head.” Pretty cool right?

What good would this do? Well it would allow you to take part in listening to music, receiving notifications and making phone calls while wearing the glasses. The innovative part being that you would still be able to hear ambient noise. It would do you no good to go walking in front of traffic the first day you unbox your precious new pair of smartglasses. Of course, companies often patent things they don’t even plan on ever using so take this information with a grain salt.