Google Glass Can Sustain A Shower


The odds are good that by now you know a fair bit about Google Glass. You know what they can do. And the odds are good that you know what you are going to do when you get your hands on your very own pair. Of course there are probably a few things that you have not thought about doing with your Google Glasses. Showering may be one of those things. Then again if your name is Robert Scoble then you may have given the idea of showering with your Google Glasses more than just a thought. Mr. Scoble, who is a technology blogger and the Liaison Officer at Rackspace, took his pair into the shower.

The test, which was conducted over the weekend, feature Mr. Scoble in the shower. He tested the water proof abilities of the device as part of a two week field test of the device. The information was posted on Google+.

Source: GottaBeMobile
Image: Google Glass