Google gets astounding new patent for their super glasses


google patent eyetracking 1
What’s Google for the goose is Google for the gander. Everybody’s favorite technology behemoth has been upping their ante in a big way. They started their own Internet service provider in Kansas that offers connection speeds up to 100 times what is currently on offer. They released the generally fantastic and amazingly priced Nexus 7 tablet to rival the iPad. In short, the company has been on a roll. What’s next on their agenda? Their Project Glass smartglasses, of course. They are back with a brand new feature.

We’ve written about these glasses before. Basically, they are an astounding piece of tech that you wear on your face, thus allowing you to do anything your smartphone currently does but with your eyeballs. You know the drill. This thing is going to change the world and we are all going to look stupid as it happens(The form factor isn’t quite there yet.) Our patent trolls have discovered a newly granted patent that adds yet another tech-heavy wrinkle to these super glasses. According to the patent, the glasses will unlock(like your smartphone unlocks) by using eye-tracking information. Analysts suggest this means that one will unlock their device simply by quickly glancing up and down. Pretty futuristic if you ask us.

Of course, there could be even more to it than a simple unlock. The patent goes on to describe that the glasses will also be adept at “determining that a path associated with the eye movement substantially matches a path of the moving object.” If anything that sounds like baseball players, particularly batters and catchers, will be among the very first customers of the glasses when they ship, sigh, sometime next year. If you like reading legalise take a gander at the patent here.