Google Buys Wimm – Google Watch On The Way?



Tech giant Google is making news headlines every day for some reason or another, and often that has to do with their debut in wearable technology, Google Glass, a virtual reality headset. But could it be that this isn’t the only wearable device that Google is currently involved in? Recent rumors that a Google Smartwatch might in fact be in the works!

WIMM is known for creating one of the first smartwatches ever, the WIMM One, a watch that was run on Android, connected to your smartphone via Bluetooth, and even could run certain apps. However, about a year ago, WIMM suddenly dropped off the face of the Earth. WIMM One Production ceased, WIMM’s social media accounts were closed, and nothing but a statement saying that WIMM had entered into a confidential relationship for their technology. Speculation surrounded the company saying that it was being bought by Apple in order to eliminate some of the competition for the rumored iWatch, but we recently found out that it was in fact Google who bought WIMM.

WIMM is actually a very interesting buy for Google for a number of reasons. First of all, WIMM didn’t simply make their own watch with their own apps, they created a developer program for third party apps for the device. This is an idea that runs very much with how Google runs, and this kind of thing is exactly what companies need to thrive in todays technology world – input from other developers.

Does this mean that we will see a Google watch in the near future? The chances are that in fact a Google watch could be released very soon in order to compete with products like the Samsung Galaxy Gear watch which is set to be released next week, and the Apple iWatch which is expected to also be released this month. A third competitor in Google could make for a very interesting smartwatch market.