Google and Adidas Partner to Create a Naggy Talking Shoe


Human beings really love their sneakers. They like them colorful, comfortable and filled with air and other such nonsense that is intended to help our basketball game. Sneakers can do all of this and more. You know what they can’t do, however? Remind us, in the most nagging tone possible, that it is time to get off of our lazy butts and do some exercise. After all, these sneakers are ostensibly for physical exertion and not sitting on the couch, slack-jawed in front of the television.

Adidas, who you may know from just about every shoe ever, and Google, who you may know from just about every Internet search ever, have teamed up to create a talking shoe that nags you into exercising. Really. This talking shoe is called, well The Talking Shoe and was unveiled at last week’s SXSW festival in Austin, Texas. The shoe not only tells you when to exercise, it also connects your smartphone and gets all up in your social media to further amp up the guilt. It’s like the leather-bound overbearing Grandmother you never had.

The shoe is outfitted with an accelerometer, a gyroscope, Bluetooth and the ability to recite over 250 snarky phrases. Don’t worry. They aren’t all naggy. The shoe will also reward you with kind praise when you get out there and do your thing. After all, we all need a little positive reinforcement to exercise since sitting on our lazy bums and doing nothing is so very easy. The Talking Shoe is not available for purchase yet but with an idea this ridiculous and grand one would think it won’t be too long before each of us can get our talking shoe on. Check a video below.