This Goo Turns Any Glove Into a Touchscreen Glove


A little snow-drenched just told me that we are in the bleakest, thickest part of winter. This is a good thing in some ways. Snow is cool looking when it falls on trees. Ice skating is fun and all of that other stuff. Snowmen and snow fights and stuff. However, you know what sucks in winter? Using your touchscreen enabled devices while you are outside. Gloves don’t cut it. Most touchscreens simply don’t react to fabric, desiring the tender touch of human flesh instead. You can buy special gloves to complete this task, or you can try out this liquid that turns any old glove into a special glove.

Introducing Nanotips, the liquid that does exactly that. Designed by Tony Yu, Nanotips works by giving the tips of your gloves the actual sense of a fingertip. In other words, it tricks your devices into thinking your glove is a finger. This is fantastic for bikers, motorcyclists, walkers or people that work outdoors. Those people have to text too you know? Texts and emails wait for no person. Actually, well, by their very nature they do both but why parse hairs over spilt stitches in nine?

Nanotips can currently be pre-ordered if you are in the market for turning some gloves into mega-gloves. All you have to do is head to the Kickstarter page and pledge around $20 and before too long you’ll be staring down some nano-equipped goo. Here is a related video!