GolfSense glove add-on tells you all about your golf swing


Do you hear that? That is the eternal forward march of wearable technology, infecting and assimilating everything it touches like a convenient, cool version of the Borg. It has forever changed how we look at running, watching stuff, how we get warm(and cool) and just about everything else. Now it is turning its futuristic eye to the game of kings. No, not darts. Golf. That’s right, Arnold Palmer and his ilk are about to get a new weapon in their arsenal to get lower and lower scores. Wait, Arnold Palmer isn’t the hottest, newest golfer around anymore? Gosh, I’m old.

Introducing the GolfSense glove add-on. This magical glove add-on tracks every inch of your golf swing and comes back at you with pertinent information to make it better. It’s like having your very own swing coach, caddy and supportive spouse all in one. How in the heck does this work? A battery of sensors are attaches to the glove, via a clip-on device. Once you push the button and you swing, it activates these sensors and before long you will be bathed in precious info. Of course, this being 2013, all of this info is instantly streamed to the smartphone of your choosing for perusal and analysis.

It must be noted that the attached sensors add virtually no weight to the glove so wearing it should not affect your swing one iota. The designers say that it only wears 0.6 ounces more than your standard issue golf glove. It is available now and be yours for the nifty price of arounnd $130. See you on the 19th hole!