Glowdoggie glowing LED collar keeps your pooch bright and colorful


glowdoggie 1
Who says wearable technology has to be reserved only for those of us with opposable thumbs? The world’s pets also deserve some righteous tech to drape upon themselves like so many nanobots. When your dog stares at you longingly as you sit on the living room couch eating a bowl of chili, it’s not the chili he is eyeing. No, that precocious pooch just wants some alone time with your iPad. Let’s give to him! It’s time to put the tech in pet-raising, and a Canadian company called Glowdoggie knows just how to get the ball rolling.

Listen. Nighttime is dark. Dogs can get lost. This is every pet owner’s worst nightmare. We need a quick and easy way to keep track of your beloved canine. That’s where the Glowdoggie LED collar comes in. It’s a comfortable, glowing LED collar for your pets that works exactly as advertised. It glows. It’s bright. It lasts a long time. You can spot it from a hundred feet away. It’s also completely waterproof because we all know that dogs take to water like a, um, dog taking to water.

These collars come in a variety of collars and brightness levels. They are battery powered with many of the versions coming with rechargeable batteries. This is just a simple and great idea that is going to end up saving some very important canine lives. All dogs do go to heaven, but we’d like to make sure they don’t get there until the right time.

The collars are currently available at several retailers nationwide but you can also snag yourself up a few at the company’s website. Sniff below for a video of two cute, glowing dogs running around in the snow. Until then, woof!