Glove One is a 3D-printed glove that doubles as a cyborg cellphone


You know the old saying, you say tomato and I say tomahto. What if the delicious red globes in said scenario weren’t tomatoes at all? What if they were, well, two completely different pieces of technology? A Milwaukee engineer has managed to merge the functionality of a glove and a cellphone to create one fantastical piece of tech. Gloves and phones playing together?! This world really is going to hell in a hand-basket.

The inventor is named Bryan Cera(no relation to Michael) and he calls his creation the Glove One. It works as advertised. You stick the glove on your hand and soon you’ll be chatting into your fingers like an excitable middle schooler. To make a call, you simply mime the universal “call me” hand gesture. Easy as a slice of communicative pie. Even cooler? The whole thing is manufactured using the magic of one of those 3D printers we keep hearing about. So, in theory, anyone can get their hands on one of these provided they have the raw materials and access to a 3D printer. Cool right?

Of course, there’s an obvious downside to all of this tech-savvy. You will become part-man/part-machine in your quest to achieve cyborg supremacy. In short, you’ll basically lose the use of your hand. The Glove One is good for calling people on the phone but not good for too much else. Such is life, right?

If the thought of becoming one of the great cyborg unwashed sounds appealing to you, click here to learn how to make one yourself. But please, when the robot uprising comes, remember the little people.