Glofaster hits Harrods!

Glofaster lists in Harrods

Not only has Glofaster Founder, ex Royal Marine Commando, Simon Weatherall attracted significant Angel investment since appearing on Dragon’s Den (and not attracting Dragon funding) in January a year ago, but now he has secured a deal with top London store, ‘Harrods of Knightsbridge’ for the exclusive launch of the Glofaster clothing range.

From 19 January 2015, the Glofaster product range will be showcased and available for purchase on one of the planet’s most sought after sportswear sales floors (during a 6 week period of exclusivity to Harrods).

This deal will be a first for Harrods Fashion Sports floor and a first for Glofaster.

2014 has seen the development and refinement of the Glofaster running and cycling jackets and the addition of sports clothing to accessorise increasing the range of clothing for instinctive training.

Experiments with the Glofaster Smart technology has shown (time and again) that the use of stimuli such as light to signal that a pre-set training target has been reached, consistently keeps the wearer ‘in the zone’ so that training is uninterrupted through to completion – no stopping to check monitors or Apps.

Glofaster training is better training as a result.

You can meet Simon and the Glofaster team at The Wearable Technology Show at London’s ExCel Conference Centre on the 10th & 11th March 2015.