glo Pillow Illuminating Alarm Clock


Are you tired of being startled awake by your alarm clock? You need a glo Pillow.
glo Pillow Illuminating Alarm Pillow
Imagine being awoken by a gentle glow of light. Ian Walton and teammate Eoin McNally designed this pillow to convey the feeling of natural sunlight. The pillow uses an LED fabric to display the glowing and also doubles as read-out for the the clock function as well.

The process works by starting the gentle illuminations 40 minutes before the alarm is scheduled to go off. This promoted circadian rhythm and assists the bodys natural clock.
glo Pillow Illuminating Alarm Pillow sequence
Philips Lumalive, NYX Jacket display and other demonstrations we have see like the Jacket from Kanye West or the Jackets of Moritz Waldemeyer

This concept was awarded Time Magazines ‘Best Inventions of 2007‘. Sleep well humans….