Glassy Pro One is the Smartwatch for Surfer Dudes and Dudettes



Even though Anakin Skywalker may hate sand because it’s coarse, and rough and gets everywhere, that doesn’t mean that the beach is inherently bad. As a matter of fact, it’s pretty darned cool, especially now that we are rapidly heading toward winter. Sigh. What we all wouldn’t give right about now for just one more beach day. Well, put a cork in it Romeo, we have a bunch of months left to endure before we can again strut our stuff on the grainy catwalk. When that day does come, however, we just may be equipped with a smartwatch dedicated to beach bums everywhere.

The Glassy Pro One is technically labeled as a smartband but, hey, it tells the time and it’s always five o’clock somewhere (ancient wisdom from a legendary beach bum.) In any event, the GPO will not only tell the time and track your boring old vitals, it’ll also keep an eye on some water-specific variables, such as the number of waves you’ve totally squashed with your surfing prowess. Of course, being as how this wearable is intended for surfers and swimmers, it is completely waterproof. Wouldn’t it be funny if it wasn’t though? World’s worst designed product.

You can already pre-order this thing for around $279, which isn’t a pretty bad price considering all of the sweet surf sessions you’ll be able to brag about on your various social media sites. I’m sure your friends and family won’t get sick of that at all in about ten seconds.