GlassUp AR Glasses Look to Compete With Google


The rapidly changing world of tech-heavy eyewear is no stranger to new competitors. Why, ever since Google first gave notion to their astounding Glass specs companies have been coming out of the woodwork to challenge them for the dorky glasses throne. The funny part? None of these sweet specs are even out yet! Even Glass is only available in limited release for early, and rich, adopters. A consumer-grade model is not expected until next year. Well, hold on to your camera-enabled hats, because yet another fierce competitors has emerged. This one even sports a mighty similar name.

Designed by a team in Italy, GlassUp actually has nothing to do with Glass, despite the name. The glasses sure are similar, however. These AR-enabled glasses sport an Android-connection, just like their main competition. This allows for the checking of emails and receiving of texts right on the augmented screen(just like Glass.) The main difference being that there is no camera involved, nor are there voice commands. The main purpose of GlassUp is to receive content and not to create it. One would hope with the deletion of those capabilities the price would jettison down into “reasonable territory.”

You’d be right to hope that! The company has stated they plan on selling GlassUp for a very doable $300. You can preorder a pair now via their Indiegogo account. They expect to ship units in February of next year. Go get em tiger! Here is a video of the glasses in action. Also, in case you were wondering, Google has already requested they change their name.