These Glasses Translate Foreign Languages in Real Time


The world is a big place. How big? Well, big enough to house over one hundred different kinds of pizza slice. However, with all of this geographic room comes some set backs. For instance, it’d take your whole life to walk around most of it. Also, there are a lot of languages floating around. It’s too hard to learn all of them. It’s not as if we are Lt Uhura or something. Well, not so fast captain. There is now some sweet specs on the market that come perilously close to creating a universal translator.

Introducing the decidedly smart and appropriately named Intelligent Glasses. These ocular assisters were created by researchers at popular Japanese telecommunications company NTT Docomo. They quite literally translate foreign text into your native tongue as you read along. It happens instantaneously and automatically. Now you can finally, sort of, read Danielle Steele in the original Latin! Wait, what? The new, updated text appears overlaid over the original text, so you always know exactly where to read. It’s a miracle of modern science. This is going to make reading menus at fancy restaurants an absolute breeze.

The glasses also some neat VR applications, including the ability to overlay ‘touch screens’ over ordinary objects. In short, you can just touch a wall in front of you and it will act as a touch screen as far as you are concerned. Pretty cool tech, and notable, a few things that are missing from Google Glass. Now the bad news. Intelligent Glasses are quite a ways off from appearing on store shelves. How long will it be? Company analysts predict it won’t be available for purchase until 2020. Yowza! That’s a lot of Breaking Bad seasons. Wait a minute…(sigh.)