Get fit with Motorola’s MOTOACTV update, adds Twitter and Facebook functionality


We are pretty sure Alan Sillitoe’s famous 1959 short story “The Loneliness of the Long Distance Runner” would have been much different if he had access to all of his social networks during all of those marathon jogging sessions. Running isn’t lonely so much as it’s boring. Terribly, soul-crushingly boring. There are only so many times you can say to yourself  “oh look, a tree.” Motorola agrees with this sentiment and have been working diligently to make running as exciting as possible. They have finally put the lime in the coconut social network in the workout.

The company’s  MOTOACTV line of devices were already pretty cool. They are lightweight arm bands that you wear while running. The units keep track of all of your vitals, including heart-rate. They track your distance traveled, GPS and more. They also play music, via Windows Player or iTunes, and are fully compatible with Bluetooth headsets. Basically they make running less of a chore than ever before. What they didn’t do, until now, was let you keep in touch with your friends and frienemies.

The latest update for the devices finally allows for Facebook and Twitter support. You can read messages while you run. Now you’ll never miss a Tweet from your high school friend who thinks “just brushed my teeth. what now?” is an interesting comment to add to the world. The update also improves Wi-fi connectivity and streamlines the workout planning utility. If you are someone who considers golfing an actual workout the update also adds a whole host of golf-centric applications, including course and tee tracking. Fore!