This Gesture Control Ring Could Make Other Jewelry Obsolete


As a wise, wise woman once sang, ‘if you like it then you should have put a ring on it.’ Truer words have never been spoken. Unfortunately, those old-fashioned rings she spoke of feature not one ounce of technology. They are just made out of stupid ole gold and diamonds! Who needs those things?! No, what we need is cold, hard microchips et al. Thankfully, some companies are jumping on board the smartring train. After all, why use up an entire wrist with a smartwatch when you could get the same functionality by just using up one finger? That’s what one company has begun asking.

Japanese electronics start-up 16Lab have just unveiled a ring they’ve been quietly working on for quite some time now. The unnamed ring uses gesture control to allow for all manner of functionality, including interacting with your phone in much the same way that a smartwatch does. First of all, the ring is made from titanium so you know it looks pretty swank, and is nigh indestructible. As far as the innards, it contains all kinds of tech, from a Bluetooth Smart radio, a movement sensor, an environment sensor plus a duo of antennas. There’s also a battery that lasts for 20 hours on a single charge, and the ring is only powered on when you press your thumb down on it (this means it should last quite a while on a charge.) That should give you just enough time to go out and have a grand adventure or two.

As far as what you can do with it, the creators envision it as an e-wallet, multi-purpose key, notification system for your phone and more. The creators have not announced a price, but due to the innards and the titanium, um, outards the price is sure to be fairly steep. We’ll find out together when this thing launches sometime in 2015.