GeoPalz Fitness Tracker for Kids



A number of great new fitness tracking devices have been coming out, especially with the rise of smartphones. Many of them connect to your smartphone via bluetooth and can really help improve your health and lifestyle. But most of these devices aren’t designed to be kid-friendly. Now there is a fitness tracker specifically designed for kids to use. It’s called the Ibitz Powerkey, by Geopalz.

The Ibitz Powerkey is part of a line that also includes an adult version, called the Unity. Essentially, the Powerkey is a clip on dongle that works as a pedometer. Nothing too fancy. But it also can connect to a smartphone via Bluetooth 4.0, and kids can build up steps, which in turn give them “keys” which can unlock rewards, game levels, and even prizes from Amazon.

The GeoPalz comes during an obesity crises in the U.S, with around 1 in 3 American children being considered clinically obese. New inventions like GeoPalz are a great idea for helping fight this problem, and hopefully can have an impact on childhood obesity levels.

The adult version of the Ibitz Powerkey, the Ibitz Unity has an app of its own that can give much more detailed information, and can connect to smart scales and heart rate monitors. The app for the Ibitz Unity can also display information for the Powerkeys that it is associated with, so that parents can keep track of the activity of their children.

Both the Ibitz Powerkey and the Ibitz Unity, by GeoPalz, are compatible with both iOS and Android. They were released in April, and can be bought for $49.99 and $34.99 respectively.

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