GEN5 Headset Turns Your Smartphone Into a VR Device


You know what is absolutely boring and downright frightful? Reality! You know what is totally awesome and filled with cute candy and butterfly princesses? Virtual reality! That’s why VR and wearable tech have walked hand in hand these past few years, and particularly since Google dropped Glass on us like a ton of awesome bricks. We may not be close to walking in a completely virtual room like in Star Trek, but we can use eyewear devices to trick our brains into thinking we’ve done just that. The future is now people, or at least once some of this stuff starts coming out.

Today we have another virtual reality device that works similarly to the Oculus Rift, but uses the your smartphone as a screen. Introducing the GEN5 Headset. Essentially it magnifies the images seen on your phone and immerses you in them. Now you can really feel like that pig in Angry Birds, which is what you’ve always wanted we are sure. It works with just about any Android or iOS device so you can be sure your phone will be covered. It’s being made by a bunch of VR veterans(or VR-terans) so it should be quite a fantastic piece of hardware once it is finished.

Oh yeah. About that. The makers are still putting the finishing touches on the GEN5 and they’ve ascended on popular crowdfunding site Kickstarter in order to achieve funding. You can become an early adopter, thus being transported inside your phone before anyone else on your block, by plooping down just $50. The Kickstarter just started and they seek to raise $75,000. Good luck ladies and gents!