Gemio aims for festival goers


The Gemio smart bracelet that lights up when friends are nearby, has already overtaken its $50,000 goal on Kickstarter less than a week after launch.

The band claims to be “a new kind of wearable tech that’s about expressing your personal style, living in the moment and connecting with the friends, events, artists and causes you care about.” It is a very similar proposition to the Coldplay bracelet we covered last month.

The bracelet is available to pre-order for $49 for the band (super early bird) rising to $69 (Kickstarter special) and $12 for the modules. The MyGemio app will include Channels to join so for instance you could get a light signal when a sports team scores or a charity you care about sends out an alert. Gemio uses a panel of LED lights and a palette of millions of colors to create unique Light Effects for any situation. It can reflect your mood, match what you’re wearing or pulse to the music.

See more on their Kickstarter page.