GEAK Watch Packs in WiFi, Android OS and a Whole Lot of Sensors


The words “smart” and “watch” have begun to lose all meaning. After all, nearly every watch that is announce nowadays is technically a smart watch. You’d have to look far and wide to find a timepiece whose only function is to tell time. So, we can expect the smart watch to one day just become the watch. Until that day, companies will still prefix their watches with “smart” so they can seem, well, smart. One company who doesn’t do that is GEAK, who has just announced an extremely intelligent watch they are just calling a watch. If it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck.

GEAK, who you know from these pages as the creator of a fairly nifty smart ring, is back with something they are just calling the GEAK Watch. This watch is packed to the gills with tech, including the ability to access content via WiFi signal(an extreme rarity in smart watches.) It runs using Android’s newest operating system so you can expect a lot of opportunities to use that WiFi signal. In addition to this, it comes packed in with a host of useful sensors. These include your average vitality-based sensors like a heart monitor and a pedometer, but also includes a sleeping pattern monitor and even a, yikes, mood monitor. Not sure how it can tell that one.

With all of this packed-in tech you’d expect this watch to fetch a pretty penny and you wouldn’t exactly be wrong. The GEAK Watch can be preordered starting on July 2nd and it will set you back around $330. In the meantime, check out another photo of this smart watch being, well, smart.