GEAK Ring Uses NFC Technology to Store Your Identity


In this increasingly tech-heavy world, how can we even prove we are who we say we are? After all, government IDs can easily be faked and passwords and addresses can be memorized. If only there was some kind of simple device, something we could wear around our finger, that would let the world(and our gadgets) know beyond a shadow of a doubt that we are indeed ourselves. After all, if science fiction is to be believed, clones are running rampant. Luckily for us, and unluckily for clones, this tech is real. Here is a ring you wear around your finger that proves your identity to everyone and everything around you.

GEAK, an electronics company from Shanghai, have quietly been slaving away on their GEAK Ring. This fashionable silver ring may not announce your intentions to marry anyone but it does do a whole lot of other cool stuff. It works using NFC technology. This ring is packed to the gills with it. The ring then interacts with your phone and other precious gadgets, unlocking these devices without the need for a password. Consider it your own personal version of the eyeball retina scanner they use in movies. Also, the ring can be outfitted with all of your personal information in case third parties need to have that sort of thing.

This ring should be looked at as a convenience rather than an uber-secure new way to go about your life. This is because NFC also has its own problem with cloning, as in hackers can clone your information lickedety split. Even with that, however, it’s still pretty darned cool. Now the ring on your finger can do more than announce what year you graduated high school. You’ll be able to pick these up in August at the refreshingly low price of $30.