Gaze-Activated Dresses Come to Life When You Stare at Them


You have no doubt heard the saying “all dressed up with nowhere to go.” Nothing is sadder then getting in the shower and putting on your finest frocks only to, well, hang around your house watching Netflix with a bowl of popcorn balanced precariously on your stomach. Clothes, especially beautiful, clothes demand to be showed off. Only, there is no real way to tell if anyone is actively appreciating your wondrous eye for textiles. Thanks to the fashion-forward magic of wearable technology, there is now a way to be sure everyone is staring at you as you strut down the runway or Main Street.

A fashion designer named Ying Gao has prepped two dresses that use eye-tracking technology in a unique and interesting way. The dresses, named No(where) and Now(here) use the technology to track when eyeballs are staring at them. When the tech senses curious eyeballs the dresses light up and quite literally come to life before your very eyes. These dresses are not only outfitted with lights, but also with tiny motors that are activated along with the lights. It’ll look like some kind of futuristic fever dream whenever anybody looks at you. That’ll teach them for laying on the male gaze extra thick! Wait, that actually doesn’t teach them at all. Oh well. Back to the drawing board.

Of course, these are only runway designs for now. The tech is a little too out there to begin showing up at Forever 21 just yet. We’ll keep you updated when and if this sort of thing becomes available for purchase. In the meantime, check out this video of the duo of dresses in motorized action.