Garmin Vivofit is a Fitness Tracker That Lets You Create a Fitness Plan


The world of fitness tracking has grown from a niche industry to a bona fide stalwart of the wearable technology world. It makes perfect sense as well. Exercising stinks but the results of exercising rules. So, in short, we need all the help we can get to get over that initial hump of actually getting up off of the couch and turning off the Netflix for once in our miserable lives. That’s where fitness trackers come in. They track every portion of our fitness regiment, but they don’t usually actually design said regiments for us. We are on our own there. Or are we?

Introducing the Vivofit by wearable tech giants Garmin. In most ways, this is your garden variety fitness tracker. It keeps an eye on the distance traveled, calories burned, your sleep and all those other odds and ends. It also, with the help of an adapter, will track your heart rate. However, it has one function that other fitness trackers can’t lay claim to. It helps you design a personalized fitness goal, which adjusts automatically given how you’ve been doing with it. It’s sort of like having a personal trainer, but without all of that forced talk about Nickelback. Wait, what?

You can snag your very own Vivofit now for around $129, and the heart rate tracker component will set you back around $40 for a grand total of $169. Hey look! I can do math. Here is a related video.