Garmin Swim watch lets you make like Aquaman


Swimmers need love too, right? For so long these so-called fitness tracking devices have kept track of running, walking, biking, and all of those other land-based activities that we take for granted. What about the oft-neglected Aquamen out there? If you prick the Little Mermaid does she not bleed? Well, all you Neptunes out there prepare to get your gills all atwitter. There is now a watch on the market designed with you in mind. Butterfly stroke, heave ho!

That fine watch-maker Garmin is producing the device. Garmin’s Swim watch takes care of all your nautical needs, and then some. This handy timepiece tracks your distance swum, average pace, workout time and more, and it uploads those stats to the web to help monitor your progress. You know, all of the stuff these devices do for the landlubbers out there. Old men and the sea can finally reunite as this watch, of course, is totally and absolutely waterproof. It’s easy to set up too. All you need to do is enter the length of the pool you are swimming in and voila, you are the little guppy that could.

The Swim is available now at a suggested retail price of $150. The company also says the battery will last more than a year and, on top of that, is also replaceable. Your move land-golums! It’s time for the seafarers to take over. Where’s Michael Phelps when you need him? Check the video below.