Garmin Approach S2 – The Golfers Watch



There is a host of watches for runners, cyclists and swimmers, but not often do we get a watch specifically designed for other athletes. Golf is perhaps a sport that we wouldn’t think would need such a product, but nevertheless a watch for golfers has been made. It’s by Garmin, the company that has brought us a number of athletes watches, and it’s called the S2 Approach.

Put bluntly, the S2 Approach doesn’t look like anything special. It really just looks like any other digital watch, and one that isn’t too fancy at that. But what makes this watch special is what’s under the hood.

The first thing to note about the Garmin Approach S2 is that it comes preloaded with 30,000 golf courses from around the world. Considering the fact that according to recent research there are around 32,000 golf courses in the world, that’s not a small feat. You can pretty much guarantee that your favorite course is going to be included in the watch. Not only that, but Garmin also promises to continue releasing updates for the watch that will include new golf courses as they are built. Again, not a small feat, and one that should be appreciated by golfers.


Like other Garmin watches, the Approach S2 uses GPS technology. This time it’s so the watch can tell you, the user, how far you are from the hole, the green, and so on. For people who like to walk instead of taking a buggy, there’s even a pedometer included in the watch.

Other nifty features include a digital scorecard, which is a welcome feature, and should provide an easier way for golfers to log their scores. And, while the watch does indeed look like any other digital watch, it does allow for a number of different colors so that you can somewhat customize the way it looks to suit your preferences.

Overall the Garmin Approach S2 is a great and welcome watch for golfers, who might feel a bit left out of the athletes watches that are coming out. If you are a golfer looking to be able to concentrate more on the important things, this might be the watch for you.