Garmin Releases Watches for Pilots



Garmin is known here at Crunchwear for creating a number of great devices for all kinds of applications, especially when it comes to sports. They have watches for runners, cyclists, swimmers, and even golfers. Well it seems that Garmin is looking to branch out into fields other than sports, as they have just released a new line of watches. What are these new watches for, I hear you ask? Pilots of course! Introducing the new Garmin D2 Pilot watch.

Other than sports, Garmin is probably best known for their GPS devices. It’s these GPS capabilities that Garmin has used extremely well in a number of their devices, including most of their sports watches. Well now pilots too can take advantage of Garmins GPS prowess, with the new Garmin D2.

Garmin is not the first company to release watches for pilots, but the Garmin D2 includes all the basic and necessary features that would be required of a pilots watch, much like the pilot watches that Breitling used to make.

Not only does the Garmin D2 include all the necessary basic features required of a pilots watch, but it also has a number of very advanced features. For example, it can load up your flight plan and display your position on a moving map that is displayed on its screen.

Not only that, but there is a small button labelled NRST, standing for nearest, which can guide you to the nearest airport in case of an emergency on board the plane. Furthermore, the Garmin D2 can display things like ground speed, time to destination, and altitude. There is also a compass with a built in horizontal situation indicator, or HSI. The D2 also connects well with a Garmin pilots app and other Garmin hardware.

The Garmin D2 pilots watch is expected to go on sale in November for $449, even though it’s currently listed on the Garmin website for $479. Whatever the price is, the Garmin D2 really is a specialty watch and should not be expected in stores like Best Buy. If however, you are a pilot and could really use one of these watches, you should definitely consider picking one up!