Garmin Forerunner 610



Last week we introduced you to the Garmin Forerunner 410, the simplistic yet effective GPS watch. Well it turns out that the Forerunner 410 has a big brother. Get ready folks, it’s called the Garmin Forerunner 610.

The Garmin Forerunner 610 has the works. It has a touch screen interface, can gather all kinds of GPS data, vibration alerts which can be set to time, distance, calories, heart rate and cadence, AND it can connect wirelessly to your computer, being compatible with both Mac and PC.

One feature that the Forerunner 610 has over the 410 is its “swipe and scroll” feature which is designed to make the watch easier to control while you’re running or cycling. Adjusting settings and reviewing your running history becomes simple using this feature.

Another nifty little feature on the Forerunner 610 is a feature called Virtual Racer, which allows you to set your own records and race your previous best times. It also allows you to take part in challenges that are uploaded to what’s called “Garmin Connect”.

The vibration alert feature is also quite a handy one, and allows you to be able to know what you’ve reached the goals that you have previously set. These can be goals for anything from distance to calories to heart rate. Furthermore, if you use the Forerunner 610 in conjunction with the Garmin Tanita BC-1000, you can track other parts of your health, such as weight and body fat. It is also compatible with a number of other Garmin products, all available from the Garmin website.

Despite the many great features in the Forerunner 610, it still manages to pack it all into a sleek and stylish design, and one that is about the same size as other recent Garmin watches. Not only that, but it also allows you to change the sport that you are doing, and comes with an attachment for attaching the watch to your bikes handlebars. The Garmin Forerunner 610 is water resistant to IPX7 standards, meaning that it can be in water 1m deep for up to 30 minutes. Essentially, you probably would not want to take it swimming, meaning that this might not be the best option for triathletes.

On one charge it can last up to 4 weeks in power saving mode, or 8 hours on training mode. It is available from the Garmin website for $400. For those of you who are serious about your training regiment, this certainly might be the watch for you.