Garmin Forerunner 15 is a Watch That Wants to Keep You Moving


Ah, the soon-to-be ubiquitous smartwatch. These little doodads will finally, thankfully, keep our wrists protected from the elements as our forefather’s watches once did. They are like smartphones you wear on your wrist, thus making the usually useless wrist ‘smart.’ Whoever coined the phrase “it’s all in the wrist” must have certainly been referring to the smartwatch, and not darts or golf or some other game you play while drinking beer. In any event, there are new and fancy smartwatches getting announced and coming to market nearly every day. Pretty soon one of these is gonna catch on in a big, big way and we’ll have another tech-crazy on our hands. Could Garmin’s new entry be the one?

Garmin, who you may remember from helping you get from point A to point B, have just announced their Forerunner 15 watch. You may remember the company had previously released two gadgets, one a watch called the Forerunner 10 and one a fitness tracker called the vivofit. Guess what? The Forerunner 15 is like a combination of these two. Think of it as a best of both worlds, if both of these worlds were already pretty similar in the first place. The Forefunner 15 has a host of features, from telling the time to telling how much time you are taking to walk down the dang street. Heart monitoring is also a possibility with this doodad, and an extremely accurate pedometer, making sure you are always credited with the correct amount of steps taken. Nothing stinks more than actually moving your legs once, only to have your wearable not register it.

In any event, these watches will be out sometime this spring and will cost around $170, with the heart monitor attachment clocking in at an additional $30.