Garmin Fenix Smart Watch Makes Traversing the Outdoors a Breeze


God bless the great indoors outdoors. Does anything beat a fresh breeze at your back and a gorgeous vista at your front? Also, it’s nature’s gym! All you have to do is hike a few miles up a steep incline and you’ll get your cardio done for the day, week or month depending on your general activity level. The only thing that is slightly alarming about adventuring in the outdoors is all of that, uh, adventuring in the outdoors. There could be bears, snakes or meth-making hillbillies behind every beautiful sycamore. There could even be hungry wolves like in that one Liam Neeson movie. Well, if Liam had this new watch perhaps that movie would have been a lot shorter.

Garmin, who are known around these parts for making cool watches, are at it again with something they are calling the Garmin Fenix. This is the perfect smart watch for the Indiana Jones in your life. Not only does it come packed in with Garmin’s famous GPS functionality, but it also has a whole host of other pertinent features. It’s waterproof(up to fifty meters) for scaling those rapids. It also constantly keeps track of your location, elevation included, so you’ll never have to worry about getting lost again. It’s sort of like that part in that one movie where they leave breadcrumbs in order to keep track of where they are only this actually works.

All of these outdoorsy bells and whistles will set you back a pretty penny, however. The Fenix currently costs $400 but hey, if it saves your life from a pack of hungry bears then isn’t that four hundred bucks well spent? We like to think so.