Garmin DC 50 Dog Collar Will Ensure Fido Never Escapes Notice


We are a world of dog lovers and it is easy to see why. Our trusty pooches are always there for us, through thick and thin, cheap dog food or the organic stuff. There is a reason, after all, they are called man’s best friend and not, like, man’s best friend except for pizza. They love us unconditionally and one of the worst things that can happen to a family is for their beloved pup to go missing or to get hurt. That’s why wearable technology for animals is such a rapidly developing micro-genre of the wearable tech scene. We want to protect our pets! On that note, here is another innovation to make sure Fido stays where he/she belongs.

Garmin, who you may know from making GPS stuff, have taken their know how and applied it to a dog collar. The Garmin DC 50, the DC stands for dog collar, is a triumph of wearable pet tech design. It tracks the whereabouts of your animal via the collar and an affiliated walkie talkie type device. The whole thing works via satellite and GPS, just like your car GPS, so you can be sure your pooch is never out of range. Even cooler? It’s waterproof! We all know how much dogs love to swim, thanks to a variety of Youtube videos on the subject. It’s not just for one pup. The receiver can track up to ten separate collars and ten separate dogs. Finally, a device perfect for sheep herders.

The collar will be available later this month at a suggested retail price of $230, with the combo pack including the walkie talkie device costing a whopping $600. That sounds like a lot, and it is, but is any amount too much to protect your best friend? Here’s a video chronicling their previous model.