GameFtace Mark IV Seeks to Challenge the Rift for VR Supremacy


It won’t be long now. It won’t be long until that fateful day when we put away televisions for good and start enjoying video games in the virtual realm. This has long been the holy grail of gamers, and it’s easy to see why. Virtual reality is awesome. TRON is awesome. Lawnmower Man is awesome. The real world? Totally not as awesome. Nothing against the real world, per say, as pizza is great and so are cats but can we fly around the real world and do battle with fearsome robots? Not for a few more decades(the robot apocalypse is set to occur then.) Until that day, we’ll have VR video games to help train us.

Until now, Oculus Rift has pretty much been the only game in town. Sure, others have tried but they were mostly stilted affairs that attempted to bring lightweight fare like smartphone games into the virtual realm. Enter GameFace Labs and their recently unveiled Mark IV virtual eyewear device. Don’t look now, but the Rift may have an actual competitor. The Mark IV brings something new to the VR table, wireless gaming. Where the Rift accomplishes its goals with plenty of wires hooking up to plenty of devices, the Mark IV does it all with Bluetooth so you can experience a true fake(?!) reality.

Of course, that does mean a slight framerate drop compared to the Rift. Wires can carry more information, after all. Also, the Mark IV is only a working prototype for now. By the time they ready this for store shelves, the framerate could be significantly increased. We’ll, of course, let you know more when we know more.