GameFace VR Headset Looking to Dethrone Oculus Rift


In the world of virtual reality eyewear devices, Oculus Rift is king. These snazzy glasses are like HD televisions you wear on your face that also have the ability to track where you move your head and translate that to in-screen movement for your avatar. The concept is killer, so killer that Facebook snatched up Oculus and their Rift recently for a massive $2 billion buckaroos. You read that right. Two billion dollars. That’s a whole lot of pizza slices. Sony has announced their own similar device for use with the PS4 which leaves one wondering if Oculus will rule PC without any real competition. Not so fast, Rift. There is a challenger on your heels.

Introducing GameFace Labs and their appropriately named GameFace virtual reality eyewear device. They fashion themselves as something of a Rift-killer, but can they do anything that Rift cannot handle? Let’s see. Well, their goggles offer a 2.5K display (aka 2560 x 1440 resolution) which is over 70 percent more pixilation than Rift or Sony’s Morpheus. This should work to amp up the realness factor and get rid of the “screen door effect” that has plagued many iterations of Rift. One more thing. GameFace is completely wireless, which is a big must and which both Morpheus and Rift hasn’t figured out yet.

So the tech is there, but thus far the company has yet to release any pricing or availability details. One can assume, just like Morpheus and the consumer version of Rift, it’ll be quite a little while before we get our hands on it.