Game, set, match


Grand slam tennis champion Andy Ram thinks he has found the solution to a problem among competitive and recreational racket sports players: fights on the court.

Pulse Play, launching this month, is a solution for badminton, squash, tennis, and table tennis scorekeeping that will be scaled up to serve a global, social community of 300M amateur players around the world. Built to be lightweight, sturdy, and comfortable, Pulse Play will retail for $129 and is available in 4 colours.

The gadget, along with its apps, perform three main functions:

? Live scorekeeping that doesn’t interrupt gameplay and gives players the ability to turn their phone or tablet into a scoreboard and announcer

? Recording match history and statistics

? League creation around friends, club play, or existing leagues

“I am excited to launch Pulse Play and see players take their game to the next level,” says Andy Ram, CoFounder and CEO of Pulse Play. “I’ve spent most of my life playing tennis competitively and my retirement from pro tennis showed me that more can be done to elevate recreational and amateur tennis. I hope that Pulse Play will bring more fun to so many people’s favorite sport and give them a taste of the pro experience.”