Game Golf Device Helps You Improve Your, Well, Golf Game


Game Golf Device

Golf is a game in which people chase all over nature for a small white ball. It may seem like a colossal waste of time to regular folk, but to the converted it is the greatest game ever created. To these sporty mega-fans, there is no day better spent than one that is dedicated entirely to the pursuit of golf. There is a reason, after all, that Tiger Woods is one of the most paid athletes of all time. One thing all golfers know is that technology can help give them an edge against their competition. Now, thanks to wearable technology, that edge is sharper than ever before.

Active Mind Technology is currently prepping their Game Golf, a stat-measuring wonder-machine that works to improve your golf game with every use. All you do is attach one unit to your belt, and other smaller units to each golf club you’ll be using. The tech then does the rest. It keeps track of just about everything you do while on the golf course, including how long you drive, the angle of shots, how you are putting and anything else your golf-crazy mind can dream up. All of this information is recorded and sent to your smartphone or PC, which makes for easy and instant perusal. Now you can obsess over your golf game even when you aren’t anywhere near a golf course. Your significant other is sure to be pleased.

Game Golf isn’t out yet but the company has set up an Indiegogo account to raise the necessary amount of funds needed to finish the product. Good new. They have already made their goal with weeks left to go. If you kick in $189, you will make sure you’ll be one of the first people bragging about these gadgets when you hit the 19th hole with your buddies. Fore!