Gadgets and Gear’s Timescape Sci-fi watch


We all love Star Trek or we wouldn’t be here, so leave it to the craft gurus at Gadgets and Gear to put the Star Trek into your average everyday timepiece. The Timescape Sci-fi watch is a cool looking timepiece with a twist, you pretty much have to be a sci-fi dork in order to read the time.

The watch sports a chrome looking exterior and a series of flashing blue LEDs that help you read the time. Just how is that done? Each line contains a series of dots representing minutes or hours, with the vertical lines displaying hours, the first three horizontal lines showing five-minute increments, and the last row offering exact minutes. Yeah, it’s a bit complicated, but aren’t the very best timepieces worth a bit of a learning curve?

It’s available now for around $60. Here is a video of the watch in action so you can decide whether all of that learnin’ is worth it.