G-Tech The Replay Backpack


G-Tech The Replay Backpack

We do write a lot about iPod enabled clothing and bags = iPod Fashion but there is more than the iPod in the world.

For folks who have another favorite music player, G-Tech might have just the right bag for you like The Replay which looks cute and allows some control over your music in a convenient way: not having to rummage in your bag to look for your player for just muting the sound or turn up the volume.

The Replay is a good looking sling-bag with music player control buttons on the shoulder strap.

The 3-button control of The Replay allows controlling the volume either up or down. The key pad features a keylock to protect against accidental operation and will lock automatically after 7 seconds of non-use. To unlock, press and hold the key lock for 4 seconds to unlock.

Simple like that but this is very handy in daily use, believe me, I have by now experience with such great functionality that I do not want to miss it on any of my bags.

One drawback has this NOT ‘Made for iPod’ solution: firstly, only the volume can be adjusted and secondly, you need to feed the keypad/controller with power = 2x AAA batteries to make it work. This is not’ incredible’ convenient because no battery power will mean the volume adjustment function will not work either.

The keypad is made of ElekTex’s Smart Fabric is located on the mono-strap where you find also the universal headphone jack. A zip compartment in front has a plethora of pockets for a phone, cards, pens and accessories, and a mesh pocket on the side. You can tuck your wallet in the hidden zip pocket on the back, a neat feature.

Available in the colors: Jet Black, Rain Blue and Bubblicious Pink. The Replay has a very reasonable price tag of just $ 63.22 as seen on Get a Bag.com

I found another online retailer, Crutchfield.com who sells the blue version of the Replay for just$ 19.99 (US shipment only). This is a price tag you will not see that often on a Audio control bag!