G-Tech Computer Sleeve with Sound


G-Tech is very active in producing and introducing Wearable Electronic products. They have a huge range of Bags, Backpacks and now a sleek Computer Sleeve with seamless, invisible integrated flat panel speaker from NXT.


The benefit of this integration is very obvious, as we mentioned on the post about the Marks & Spencer computer bag. Especially in business situation, sound as addition to high impact presentations is a very powerful tool to get the message over.

Put down this sleeve next to your notebook computer during your presentation, hook it up to your computer and have the sound coming ‘out of your computer sleeve’ will guaranty you the highest attention level from your audience.

The Secure Sound (Computer Sleeve), as it is named by G-Tech, is made of 420d jacquard and this semi-hard EVA case provides the ultimate protection for your laptop.

Of course you can hook up the computer sleeve to your iPod or other audio device as well. This computer sleeve fits in most briefcases, backpacks or can be carried alone. 3 AA batteries will give the speaker enough power for around 3 hours, more than enough for your presentation.

We are not sure if the Computer Sleeve can be ordered by individual customers, on G-Tech’s Website are price indications for oder quantities for retailers. If they accept oders for one unit, the cost indicated (24 or less we guess) is around US$ 55.-, almost a bargain for this multifunctional and good looking sleeve for your notebook.